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  • TerraCast Fluted Sleeve
    TerraCast Products

    Many cities and municipalities struggle with accepting plain monopoles to be erected because of aesthetics. The TerraCast Fluted Sleeve has provided a solution to this problem. Whether it’s a new or an existing installation, the sleeve will transform a plain pole into a decorative, fluted design without compromising the structure or wind load. Made of a color-thru, UV stabilized, and high-grade polyethylene resin, the decorative sleeve will protect the base pole from direct sunlight, which will dramatically extend the life of the pole’s surface.

    TerraCast Fluted Sleeve
  • SmartTRAC

    SmartTRAC, part of Hapco’s AlumiSmart line of Smart Pole Solutions, is a patented SMART POLE SYSTEM offering multi-use poles and accessory mounting options that are the perfect blend of Functionality and Aesthetics. Each of the four available SmartTRAC shaft sizes contain a “TRAC” system at 0°, 90°, 180°, and 270°. “TRAC” profiles are identical on all sizes, allowing the Locking Cam attaching hardware to work with all SmartTRAC designs. Accessories may be moved, modified or removed without unsightly bands and drill holes. Quad-Chambers provide continuous Signal Isolation, and Anchor Base and Direct Buried Options are available in all Shaft Sizes and Pole Configurations.  

  • SmartCHAMBER

    SmartCHAMBER, part of Hapco’s AlumiSmart line of Smart Pole Solutions, offers multi-chamber pole options that are specifically designed for Small Cell and IoT applications. Smooth and Fluted Shaft options, Dual and Tri-Chamber configurations, and the new I-Chamber with a oversized center chamber provide the perfect solution for the growing complexity of communications and control systems in today’s Smart Cities. SmartCHAMBER poles eliminate the possibility of signal interference when using multiple power sources, provide separate access for multiple individual providers, and deliver increased loading capacities from the internal web designs.

  • PIM-guard: Because PIM is hiding in the most unlikely places

    PIM isn’t passive. It erodes network performance and profits and hides in the most unlikely of places: cable support brackets, hangers, RRU mounts and other non-RF installation components. Relax—CommScope’s got your back. PIM-guard non-RF installation components are uniquely designed to root out passive intermodulation in your network.

    • Advanced materials selection
    • Corrosion-resistant performance
    • Engineered contours and profiles

    The result? Improved RF efficiency in your evolving and complex network. PIM is anything but passive—you can’t afford to be, either. Watch this short video to learn how to protect your network with SnapWrap. 

    PIM-guard: Because PIM is hiding in the...
  • Antenna Alignment & Monitoring
    VIAVI Solutions

    VIAVI 3Z RF Vision delivers accurate antenna alignment and reliable line-of-sight reports during site installation. To maintain proper alignment, our remote monitoring solutions provide real-time alignment data and alerts when misalignment occurs.

    VIAVI Solutions
  • SmartClass Fiber
    VIAVI Solutions

    The VIAVI SmartClass Fiber family integrates essential fiber testing capabilities, such as fiber inspection, optical power measurement, and more into handheld field solutions that drive best practices while cutting fiber testing and certification time in half.

    VIAVI Solutions
  • FiberChek Sidewinder
    VIAVI Solutions

    The FiberChek Sidewinder is the industry’s first "all-in-one" handheld inspection and analysis solution for multifiber connectors such as MPO. The latest addition to the award-winning VIAVI FiberChek family delivers a completely automated solution to inspect and analyze every fiber of an MPO or other multifiber connectors with industry-leading reliability and speed.

    VIAVI Solutions
  • T-BERD / MTS
    VIAVI Solutions

    Ethernet, fiber, OTDR, DWDM, CWDM, CSAM, timing, RFoCPRI, and more. Lightweight, versatile and easy-to-use – our T-BERD/MTS family of testers bring efficiency and speed to deployments and troubleshooting.

    VIAVI Solutions
  • OneAdvisor-800
    VIAVI Solutions

    All-in-one cell site installation and maintenance test tool; fiber, coax, and RF.

    VIAVI Solutions
  • CellAdvisor
    VIAVI Solutions

    VIAVI CellAdvisor is the industry’s most comprehensive and cost effective solution for cell site installation, commissioning, and maintenance.

    VIAVI Solutions
  • Wilkinson power Splitters

    Wilkinson dividers/splitters offered in 2, 3, 4, 6 and 8 ways are most commonly designed on microstrip boards in convenient packaging. They have outputs which are isolated by 20 dB or more, but are generally limited to low power applications because the resistors used in such designs are usually less than 1W. The resistors also cause poor PIM performance so Wilkinson dividers/splitters should not be used when low PIM is a requirement. Microlab offers wireless designs with bands extending from Tetra and P-25 frequencies to 6 GHz.

    Wilkinson power Splitters
  • Public Safety and Critical Communications

    There are many challenges faced by Public Safety networks. Their coverage and capacity are limited by buildings’ physical characteristics, interoperability with other wireless networks, mobile radio technology used (e.g., FMN, OpenSky, TETRA and APCO P25), and overall Passive Intermodulation (PIM) performance. Microlab offers a wide variety of reliable RF passive components suited for in-building wireless communication for emergency service personnel. Our trusted products help provide full coverage and increase capacity across independent and/or coexistent mobile radio and cellular networks.

    Public Safety and Critical Communication...
  • Low PIM Terminations/Loads

    Microlab offers 698 – 2700 MHz low PIM terminations from 5W to 200W in convenient moisture sealed packages, similar to those used in conventional resistive attenuators and loads. A frequent application is terminating the load port of a hybrid combiner when adding two RF signals at a radio base station, so an integrated package of hybrid and low PIM load is also offered.

    Low PIM Terminations/Loads
  • Directional Couplers

    Directional couplers provide flat coupling of one signal path to another in one direction only (known as directivity) and low VSWR over one full octave or more. They commonly consist of an auxiliary line coupling electrically to a main line, which becomes more complex as the bandwidth increases. One end of the auxiliary line is permanently fitted with a matched termination. Directivity (the difference between coupling in one direction compared to the other) is approximately 20 dB for printed couplers, 25 dB or more for air-dielectric couplers. Directional couplers are used whenever part of a signal needs to be separated off or two signals need to be combined. Microlab offers narrow band and wireless band directional couplers with coupling ranging from 3 dB to 50 dB or more, always reference to the input port.

    Directional Couplers
  • Reactive Power Splitters

    Reactive splitters offered in 2, 3, 4, and 6 ways, use air-line dielectrics with silver plated, metal conductors in aluminum housings. They have excellent input VSWR, high power ratings, low PIM and very low losses usually 0.05 dB or less. Modern design techniques allow bandwidths that extend from 380 to 4200 MHz in housing of convenient length. Reactive splitters are frequently employed in in-building systems because they are virtually indestructible, low loss and low PIM.

    Available with in-line or opposed connectors.

    Reactive Power Splitters
  • In-Building Antennas

    These low cost antennas are popular for propagating in-building wireless signals in distributed antenna systems, (DAS).  They are available in SISO or MIMO, Omni or directional, and celing mount or panel mount configurations.

    In-Building Antennas
  • DC Blocks

    Microlab DC Blocks are used to prevent the flow of direct current and low frequency current surges along the inner and/or the outer conductors of a transmission line, while permitting the unimpeded flow of RF signals. Applications include the blocking of current surges that can occur in subway tunnels and rail systems, at base-station/cell-sites during lightening storms, to route DC to tower mounted amplifiers (TMA’s) or whenever DC isolation is required. Units are available with a DC block on the inner and/or outer conductor, and all units are built with special attention to effects of PIM.

    DC Blocks
  • Digital GPS Repeater

    Microlab’s digital GPS repeater system can be used for cellular communications UTC synchronization for locations where the GPS signals are not readily available. The system is built with Microlab’s patent-pending Digital SkyTiming Technology™ offering industry-first GPS signal transmission via CPRI for highly accurate timing and location.

    The system offers several configurations for indoor and outdoor applications. Designed to be used in combination with Microlab’s Lossless GPS Signal Splitters.

    Digital GPS Repeater
  • MCC Series - Modular POI

    Microlab’s MCC™ series Point of Interface (POI) is a Passive Modular Carrier Combiner for Neutral Host Small Cell and D-RAN Architectures. It helps combine RAN remote heads for RF distribution. It has been designed to provide up to 4 Operators SISO configurations for 2 sectors OR up to 4 Operator MIMO for 1 sector. The MCC allows many configurations to support multi-carrier and multi-band Neutral Host MIMO or SISO applications. The design has been optimized for low-loss in a modular enclosure that is compatible with standard 19” Racks. It is passively cooled, so no external power or fans are required.  Both indoor and outdoor models are available.

    MCC Series - Modular POI
  • Lossless GPS Signal Splitter

    Microlab’s Lossless GPS Signal Splitters can be used to distribute UTC synchronization to up to 32 remote units using only 2 redundant GPS antenna signals. The GPS signal quality is actively monitored by this system and can be combined with the Microlab Digital GPS Signal Repeater where GPS signals are not readily available. 16-channel and 32-channel options are available with up to +10dB selectable gain. Designed to be used in combination with Microlab’s Digital GPS repeater system. See also Digital SkyTiming Technology™

    Lossless GPS Signal Splitter
  • PCS/AWS Dual Diplexer, BK-745E


    Microlab BK-745 is a dual Diplexer which allows combination and separation of the signals in the PCS band 1850 - 1990 MHz with the AWS-WCS bands 1695 - 1780 MHz and 2110 - 2360 MHz. To minimize band inter-reaction, the inputs are well isolated and have minimal insertion loss over their respective frequency bands.

    The Diplexer has been designed using passive, proprietary techniques which minimizes cost and size. At the same time it ensures minimal loss and very high reliability at input powers up to 100W per input.

    PCS/AWS Dual Diplexer, BK-745E
  • Custom Integrated Assemblies

    Microlab offers custom solutions for In-Building Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS) and D-RAN. Available bands range from 136 MHz to 6GHz, including public service channels and Tetra in the range from 80 to 520 MHz, cellular services extending from LTE 600 to LTE-LAA at 6GHz.

    Microlab’s broad range of catalog components allow rapid creation of special configurations to suit customer needs, whether in-building, on trains, in tunnels, or outdoors.

    To simplify ordering, Microlab offers a variety of standard DAS Carrier Conditioner (DCC) designs, for example 4 low band and 4 high band inputs combined to 4 identical outputs. Our designs come with very low loss specifications, greatly simplifying the task of optimizing the loss budget.

    Microlab's DCC Series® also offers DAS Carrier Conditioners for outdoor deployments. All internal modules are embedded in a NEMA 4 / IP 66 rated enclosure. This ensures the integrity of the RF performance even under harsh envir...

    Custom Integrated Assemblies
  • SmartCoupler

    SmartCoupler is the world’s first Radio Frequency coupler with embedded signal monitoring intelligence. SmartCoupler capitalizes on the Internet of Things ecosystem to monitor the integrity of transmission lines and antennas, deep into a building for emergency communications systems.

  • Ultra-compact PCS/AWS Dual Diplexer, BK-747E

    Microlab BK-747E is a dual Diplexer which allows combination and separation of the signals in the PCS band 1850 - 1995 MHz with the AWS-WCS bands 1695 - 1780 MHz and 2110 - 2360 MHz. To minimize band inter-reaction, the inputs are well isolated and have minimal insertion loss over their respective frequency bands.

    The Diplexer has been designed using passive, proprietary techniques which minimizes cost and size. At the same time it ensures minimal loss and very high reliability at input powers up to 20W per input.

    Double unit mounting configurations for Quad Diplexer applications are available as Microlab Model BK-747EW (quad-stack) & BK-747EX (side-side)

    Ultra-compact PCS/AWS Dual Diplexer, BK-...
  • Low PIM Jumper Cables

    Whether macro cells or in Building DAS venues, the wrong RF cable can have a devastating influence on network reliability and quality of service. Passive intermodulation (PIM) is often thought “negligible” at in-building DAS venues, but this is not the case. The front end of a DAS Carrier Combiner interface is particularly susceptible to PIM interference. High power levels are attenuated and combined at this stage. If PIM levels are not minimized the system’s overall performance is reduced significantly. Our new J-cables are especially designed with these requirements in mind. They are 100% tested to guarantee the best system performance.

    Microlab Model JA and JB series, Coaxial Jumper Cables are built for consistent low PIM performance. Designed for use in all systems where low PIM and excellent electrical performance and mechanical reliability are paramount. With an operating range of DC to 6 GHz, these cables are ideal for all telecommunication applicatio...

    Low PIM Jumper Cables
  • Hybrid Couplers/Combiners

    Hybrid Couplers have the important characteristic that allows addition of two or more signals without interaction regardless of how close the frequencies of the signals may be. This feature can often eliminate the need for filters which can often introduce signal aberrations. Microlab’s Hybrid Couplers have ultra wide bandwidths, very low PIM and minimal loss. The most commonly recommended hybrid for wireless systems is a multisection, stripline design, covering 700 MHz to 2700 MHz, which includes the present and future cellular, PCS, 3G and 3G/4G extension bands. Other units extend frequency coverage with flat response from 350 MHz to 6000 MHz, but at the cost of greater size and weight.

    Microlab has models specifically designed for use in harsh outdoor environments.

    Microlab's hybrid's offer the highest isolation in the industry, and are offered in :

    Standard bandwidth 617-2700MHZ.

    Ultra-wideband 350-5925MHz.


    Hybrid Couplers/Combiners
  • Low PIM Tappers

    Microlab Tappers unevenly split high power cellular signals in fixed ratios from 1000:1 to 2:1 with minimal reflections or loss over the key wireless bands in the range 350 - 5,930 MHz, (there is no coupling 1550 to 1650 MHz). The innovative asymmetric design ensures an excellent input VSWR and coupling flatness across the specified bands, even down to a 2:1 split.

    The lightweight design allows easy attachment to a wall using the supplied bracket. Designed with only a few solder joints and an air dielectric, loss is minimized and reliability enhanced.

    Available in 7/16 DIN, N, and 4.3-10 connectors.

    Low PIM Tappers
  • Low PIM Attenuators

    Microlab FY Series is a low PIM, unidirectional Attenuator, using a multi section, quarter wave, stripline coupler with a low PIM cable load. It is designed for indoor applications covering all wireless bands from 694 to 2,700 MHz. This model couples off a portion of the input power to the output. This achieves a flat attenuation response over a wide frequency range, 617-2700MHz.
    The wide frequency range allows use with multiband antennas and leaky cable systems and in wireless base stations. With minimal solder joints and an air dielectric, the dissipative loss has been minimized and reliability enhanced.

    Low PIM Attenuators
  • Vanguard® Medium LED Obstruction Lighting Systems
    Flash Technology

    As leaders in lighting compliance since 1969, Flash Technology provides turnkey solutions with a collaborative approach — ensuring you receive a reliable, cost-effective solution that meets your unique lighting needs. The legacy continues with the robust Vanguard Medium LED obstruction lighting series.


    • Long-lasting powder-coated aluminum
    • Industry-leading 25kA surge protection withstands 99% of lightning strikes
    • Remote SNMP monitoring with ethernet or LTE
    • Patented Fresnel lens minimizes ground scatter
    • Interleaved LEDs and by-pass circuitry provide longer life by allowing the loss of individual LEDs up to the 25% limit
    • Outdoor Wi-Fi antenna for diagnostics and lighting inspections
    • ADLS interface (radar)
    • Automatic failsafe switches to day mode after 19 hours of no mode change (can be disabled)
    • ...

    Vanguard® Medium LED Obstruction Lighti...
  • SAF Signal Mapper - In-building signal mapping
    SAF Tehnika

    SAF’s smartphone sized Spectrum Compact integrated with TRX’s body-worn NEON® Tracking Unit provides an economical, simple, and accurate signal mapping and verification solution. RF engineers and technicians can comfortably and discreetly map the signal coverage throughout an entire building including stairwells, elevators, and difficult to access areas.

    With the powerful, user-friendly NEON® Command software, users can create the coverage map for buildings even when no drawings or cad files exist! For public safety agencies with resource and budget constraints, the SAF-TRX Signal Mapper solution is the go-to solution. Public Safety agencies or certification service companies new to real-world RF testing now have the tools to quickly get up to speed verifying in-building signal coverage.

    SAF Signal Mapper - In-building signal m...
  • Integra X - Powerful dual-core system with XPIC
    SAF Tehnika

    SAF Tehnika meets another milestone on its way of consistent technological innovation. Integra-X is our dual core XPIC radio and the newest member of our full-outdoor radio product line. Integra-X incorporates two transceivers and two modem chains allowing this system to operate in native 2+0 XPIC mode, reaching maximum data transmission capacity up to 2.2 gigabits per second. The system is perfect for applications requiring high capacity backhaul. Key attributes of Integra-X:

    • Best System Gain - +26 dBm Tx power with adaptive digital pre-distortion, hitless ACM and ATPC
    • Fully Integrated - built-in OMT for minimal loss in 2+0
    • Highest Capacity - up to 1.5 Gbps in 2x80 Mhz channels and 3 Gbps in 4+0
    • 5 Year Warranty - industry leading factory support with available Next Day Replacement

    Integra X - Powerful dual-core system wi...
  • Aiphone Product Line and NEW IX Series 2

    Meet the new IX Series 2 . . . The platform for enterprise security and communications that grows with you. It expands your network across multiple security layers for one very powerful solution. No proprietary servers. No annual licensing fees. No need to train your staff on multiple systems. In one building, or across worldwide campuses, the IX Series 2 covers every modern security layer you know about today — and the ones you’ll need tomorrow. All with the quality and reliability you expect from Aiphone.

    Local Service & Outstanding Support Training, Support, and Service to Ensure Your Success • Comprehensive product knowledge, so you are always expertly informed • Specify products 24/7 with QuikSpec Plus • Award-winning support – providing online and in-person training, top-notch technical assistance, and friendly customer service • Ask how we can customize a solution for you – we offer syst...

  • FieldCLIX

    Remote activities account for 60%-70% of complex field program costs. FieldCLIX brings increased visibility into field activities, helps improve operational efficiency for complex workflows, automates manually intensive processes, and provides detailed financial insights to help control spend. Learn more at: www.FieldCLIX.com


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