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Guide to Write a Definition Essay


In this essay, the essay writer shall state his definition of "winning" and will share it with his readers. Aside from that, he wants to instill in his readers that winning is not just about being the first one who reaches the finish line or accomplishing a certain objective. The writer intends to argue that it takes him more than meets the eye in order for him to get what he sets out for - victory. In order to do so, the writer shall use good points and strong descriptions as well as persuasive statements that will influence his readers' perception on how they should understand what success means and why it is important.


The title of this piece can be quite tricky because it includes two parts: definition and essay. The meaning of the word "essay" is quite vague in this case because the piece does not give a definition for anything except that there is a need to define what "winning" means. It seems like a contradiction at first, but it has to be taken literally wherein an essay can also mean research work or introduction.You can likewise hire essay writers to make your paper for a charge.


In order to get a better idea about how this piece should be done, it would be best if the writer starts with his own definition of winning while stating down good points in support of his statements such as hard work, continuous training and assistance from his coaches. Then, he will add other elements that might seem important which are desire, self-control, self-discipline and so on, so that the readers will know what it really takes in order to achieve success.


The online essay writer should always be careful when stating his own definition so that he can avoid being biased about what winning means to him and giving only one side of the story. He needs to make sure that he includes all different points of views of other people who have experienced victories—both big and small, short-term or long-term—so that he could provide well thought out arguments with no loopholes left behind.


In addition, since this essay is written in prose form (short sentences), the writer must take note that each sentence has a purpose for being there. This means that each sentence contributes in terms of providing additional information on what defines winning as well as assaying in showing how it is possible to win something. The sentences should be in parallel form (parallel structure/grammar) and each of them should have a complete thought or idea, just like what he wants to say without adding unnecessary details that would only seem irrelevant.

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Writing Definition Essays: Step-by-Step Instructions


  1. Give your own definition of success or winning. If you are not sure about what this term means to others, think about all the things you have achieved during your lifetime so far, especially those related to education, career, personality development and more. Pay special attention to the reasons why you were able to achieve these goals and if they actually mean something significant in relation with your purpose of living or dream for now or the future
  2. List down some of the important things that you have achieved so far or which you can think of at the moment and why they are important to your life. As mentioned before, it could be a personal or career achievement (or both) but does not include anything that is not really significant to help you grow as a person and as a social member of the society.
  3. Think about what other people have accomplished in the past which makes them stand out and be appreciated by many others. Make sure that you list down all different accomplishments from both big and small, even those that are not related to your profession or any special interest you have. Do some research work if you want to find out what really makes them famous and if there is anything in common among all of their achievements to help you identify the true definition of success.
  4. Think about those special people who are always in the spotlight because of something they have accomplished even if it was just once or twice. You can try looking up at sports, politics, business and even entertainment just to name a few. Imagine how these people feel when they are given recognition for their achievements or if they were able to win something during any competition.

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