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Raycap | STEALTH

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Raycap | STEALTH

Raycap's STEALTH brand of camouflaged small cell poles & other concealment solutions are aesthetically pleasing, RF-friendly, and operate seamlessly in the urban environment. We have the 5G small cell technology, expertise and manufacturing to help you deploy faster with facilities on the East & West coasts of the USA handle large or small concealment roll outs.

Product Showcase 

  • Raycap's 5G Small Cell Poles

    Raycap’s STEALTH concealed small cell pole product line is available as fully concealed, concealed or unconcealed pole solutions. Our small cell poles can also be purchased fully integrated, making them easier and considerably less expensive to install. Our team’s 25+ years of engineering, integration and RF concealment experience, combined with an understanding of municipality requirements for concealed poles, puts us in “pole” position to assist carriers to quickly roll out small cell infrastructure into virtually any environment.

    More Information » www.raycap.com/wireless-networks/small-cell-soluti...

    Raycap's 5G Small Cell Poles
  • AC Power Disconnects for Small Cells

    Raycap’s various AC Disconnect Products offer unparalleled versatility for Small Cell power demarcation, protection and distribution. They feature patented Strikesorb® 30-A-2CHV modules capable of withstanding direct lightning-type events (surge currents up to 5kA [10/350 μs]) and induced surge currents up to 60 kA (8/20 μs) to ensure maximum uptime for critical wireless networks.

    More Information » www.raycap.com/ac-power-disconnects

    AC Power Disconnects for Small Cells


  • Raycap | STEALTH
    7555-A Palmetto Commerce Parkway
    North Charleston, South Carolina 29420
    United States
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