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Sinclair Technologies

A division of Norsat International

Sinclair Technologies

Sinclair offers integrated solutions for all your wireless needs. From design through to the manufacturing process we follow the highest standards in quality and innovation. Our Products cover greater than 1 GHz, 800 MHz, UHF, VHF, TETRA and other bands. Having a broad product range enables us to offer our customers complete one-stop solutions for all their communication needs. Whether you are looking for a single antenna or a complete system Sinclair has it all.

Sinclair offers more than 2,000 different products including Base Station Antennas, Mobile/Transit Antennas, Covert Antennas, Filters, Receiver Multicouplers, and Accessories. We also specialize in developing custom products and systems as per the customer’s unique specifications. Our industry leading designs have set the standards for quality, innovation and durability.

Product Showcase 

  • SC366 Collinear omni antenna

    6 dBd gain, HD, Low PIM, 406-470 MHz

    • Patent-pending Aurora™ balanced design for exceptional performance
    • Outstanding bandwidth with highly stable RF performance across the whole band
    • -150dBc PIM rating for low noise characteristics, ideal for wideband or trunking systems
    • Light-weight heavy-duty antenna with outstanding 250 mph wind rating for long life 

    More Information » www.sinclairtechnologies.com/catalog/product.aspx?...

    SC366 Collinear omni antenna
  • Aurora™ SC Series: Next-Generation Public Safety Collinear Antennas

    Utilizing cutting-edge, field-proven balanced design technology, the patent-pending Aurora design achieves an unparalleled combination of higher gain, wider bandwidth, highly consistent RF pattern, higher wind rating, and lighter weight, all in the smallest form factor. Designed to international standards (IEC62305 Part 1-4 and VDE 0855-300) and fulfilling the requirements of lightning protection class II, the Aurora SC series is fully DC-grounded and protected with a lightning spike through the top of the radome. Unbeatable, heavy-duty construction along with the enhanced wind rating, means these antennas can last for many years in the most challenging environments. The new Aurora SC series is ideal for public safety applications as it offers reliability, durability, and easy installation in a light weight and compact package.

    The Aurora SC Series features:

    • Ultra-Wide Bandwidth: Patent-pending PCB design covers wider frequency ranges and higher gains creating mo...
      More Information » www.sinctech.com/aurora-sc-series

    Aurora™ SC Series: Next-Generation Pub...
  • Transportation Communication Solutions

    With over 60 years of transportation communications experience on a global scale, Sinclair has the product line and technical experience to keep your communications running smoothly. Many of Sinclair’s antennas are low profile for discreet implementation and can fit into virtually any type of land mobile, transit, or transport vehicles. These antennas are designed to withstand harsh outdoor conditions anywhere in the world ensuring there is no service interruption. Sinclair antenna and filter products provide solutions for data collection, tracking and controlling on a real-time basis, and supporting multiple services.

    More Information » www.sinctech.com/transport-antenna-solutions

    Transportation Communication Solutions



  • Marushka Dias

    Marketing Communications Manager
    Sinclair Technologies
    Aurora, Ontario