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Effectively manage high-volume distributed projects with accurate real-time data on one easy-to-use platform.


Sitetracker, Inc. powers the successful deployment of critical infrastructure. As the global standard for managing high-volume projects, the Sitetracker Platform enables growth-focused innovators to optimize the entire asset lifecycle. From the field to the C-suite, Sitetracker enables stakeholders to perfect how they plan, deploy, maintain, and grow their capital asset portfolios. Market leaders in the telecommunications, utility, smart cities, and alternative energy industries — such as Verizon, Nokia, Fortis, Alphabet, and Panasonic — rely on Sitetracker to manage millions of sites and projects representing over $12 billion of portfolio holdings globally. For more information, visit www.sitetracker.com.

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  • Sitetracker Platform

    The only platform designed by project managers delivering real-time collaboration, powerful automated reports, and accurate forecasting. Evaluate candidate sites in context. Conduct capacity planning to identify staffing needs or resource bottlenecks. Leverage Vendor Analytics to connect project timelines with historical performance. Accurately forecast milestones at individual sites or entire portfolios. Easily manage entire portfolios of high-volume projects with Intelligent Project Templates. Report on projects in real-time with powerful reports and dashboards. Update multiple projects at once with TrackerEdit. Stay on top of project financials with instant insight to expenses and revenues. Maximize the value of your assets and shorten time to revenue by managing post-deployment activities, such as maintenance, upgrades, and marketing together in one platform. Optimize processes with automatic scheduling and assignment. Quickly share user-friendly maps to market si...
    More Information » www.sitetracker.com/project-management-platform

    Sitetracker Platform
  • Sitetracker Mobile

    From contractors to remote employees on the move, being able to make a difference while in the field is critical for project accuracy and completion. Sitetracker Mobile is here to help. Enhance productivity, streamline workflows, and strengthen collaboration across the organization. Easy photo uploads, configurable checklists, and critical project and site context – available anytime, anywhere – ensures that projects can be complete on-time and on-budget, no matter where teams are located.

    More Information » www.sitetracker.com/sitetracker-mobile

    Sitetracker Mobile


  • What is the impact of 5G on carriers?

    Standards are emerging, and mobile network operators (MNOs) should be capitalizing on this moment to own to the 5G space, shape the standards, and outsmart the competition. In order to do this, carriers must adopt processes that enable them to move quickly while providing a higher level of service and reliability to customers. This means aligning their processes with the technology they use to track projects and manage existing assets. This doesn’t just apply to projects the carrier manages directly, but that of their service providers, as well. The entire ecosystem a carrier creates and works with should be using the same processes and... More »

    What is the impact of 5G on carriers?
  • Automate critical infrastructure project forecasting to adjust for the unknown

    When managing critical infrastructure projects, projects almost never go exactly according to the project forecast or schedule. Especially when managing a high volume of complex projects, there are many points of possible friction, delay, and error... More »

    Automate critical infrastructure project...
  • Preventative maintenance management best practices for winter, telecom edition

    We’ve created a guide to help you get through the winter months stronger than you went in. Stay ahead of equipment failure and maintenance deadlines by standardizing and automating in advance of January and February. Follow our preventative maintenance program guide to maintain your assets with confidence... More »

    Preventative maintenance management best...
  • Are you taking advantage of the evolving relationship between 5G and wifi?

    We connect to wifi in our homes, offices, public spaces, and more on our smartphones, laptops, and tablets. Wifi is reliable, but it’s over 20 years old. The promise of faster downloads and streaming with 5G has end consumers and the telecom industry buzzing... More »

    Are you taking advantage of the evolving...
  • KeyPoint Communications partners with Sitetracker to scale their business

    Sitetracker, the project and asset management standard for innovative infrastructure owners and operators like Verizon, Central Hudson Gas & Electric, Intersection Media, is proud to announce their partnership with KeyPoint Communications. KeyPoint is leveraging the Sitetracker Platform to scale their business operations to scale their rapidly growing business... More »

    KeyPoint Communications partners with Si...
  • The new era of network densification requires operational excellence

    According to the latest Visual Networking Index: Global Mobile Data Traffic Forecast Update, mobile data traffic has been growing 60% to 100% per year and total traffic will increase sevenfold by 2021 from 2016 levels. Growth in network traffic is straining capacity and driving demand for network densification, resulting in an increase in the volume, velocity, and variety of projects and assets to be managed. Unfortunately, this is also happening at a time of margin compression and modest revenue growth. Now, more than ever, delivering infrastructure projects requires a more modern and more efficient approach... More »

    The new era of network densification req...
  • ZenFi Networks Implements Sitetracker Platform to Enable Small Cell and Fiber Business Growth

    Sitetracker, the project and asset management standard for infrastructure owners and developers, is proud to announce their collaboration with new customer ZenFi Networks, an innovative, locally-owned and operated communications infrastructure company serving the New York and New Jersey metro region. ZenFi Networks will use the Sitetracker Platform to manage internal and external teams designing, building, and maintaining small cell and fiber assets, allowing them to scale their operations and project deployment... More »

    ZenFi Networks Implements Sitetracker Pl...


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