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SAF Tehnika

Microwave Experts

SAF Tehnika

SAF Tehnika is one of the leading microwave data transmission equipment manufacturers with a global presence in more than 130 countries and more than 20 years of experience in the field.

Our carrier-grade PTP radios cover licensed and license-free frequency bands from 300 MHz-87 GHz with capacities up to 10 Gbps. Industry leading Tx power for 99.999% availability. Available in FODU, full-indoor or split-mount, SAF radios are an easy to configure and deploy system.

Our knowledge of microwave technologies has also given us unique skills and know-how to develop the Spectrum Compact series of the world's first truly hand-held microwave spectrum analyzers and signal generators for field engineers, as well as the next-generation industrial IoT solutions for environmental monitoring – Aranet.

Product Showcase 

  • Integra X - Powerful dual-core system with XPIC

    SAF Tehnika meets another milestone on its way of consistent technological innovation. Integra-X is our dual core XPIC radio and the newest member of our full-outdoor radio product line. Integra-X incorporates two transceivers and two modem chains allowing this system to operate in native 2+0 XPIC mode, reaching maximum data transmission capacity up to 2.2 gigabits per second. The system is perfect for applications requiring high capacity backhaul. Key attributes of Integra-X:

    • Best System Gain - +26 dBm Tx power with adaptive digital pre-distortion, hitless ACM and ATPC
    • Fully Integrated - built-in OMT for minimal loss in 2+0
    • Highest Capacity - up to 1.5 Gbps in 2x80 Mhz channels and 3 Gbps in 4+0
    • 5 Year Warranty - industry leading factory support with available Next Day Replacement

    More Information » saftehnika.com/en/integrax

    Integra X - Powerful dual-core system wi...
  • SAF Signal Mapper - In-building signal mapping

    SAF’s smartphone sized Spectrum Compact integrated with TRX’s body-worn NEON® Tracking Unit provides an economical, simple, and accurate signal mapping and verification solution. RF engineers and technicians can comfortably and discreetly map the signal coverage throughout an entire building including stairwells, elevators, and difficult to access areas.

    With the powerful, user-friendly NEON® Command software, users can create the coverage map for buildings even when no drawings or cad files exist! For public safety agencies with resource and budget constraints, the SAF-TRX Signal Mapper solution is the go-to solution. Public Safety agencies or certification service companies new to real-world RF testing now have the tools to quickly get up to speed verifying in-building signal coverage.

    More Information » spectrumcompact.com/solutions/indoor-signal-mappin...

    SAF Signal Mapper - In-building signal m...


  • SAF Tehnika
    3250 Quentin St Unit 128
    Aurora, Colorado 80011
    United States
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